Yearly Eye Health Exams

At Central Missouri Eyecare Associates, it is our priority to deliver comprehensive primary eye care for the whole family.  We provide thorough annual eye exams to help you maintain good eye health and vision. Problems with eye health or vision may not always have obvious symptoms or signs, but our doctors can detect and diagnose these conditions early on, which is why regular eye exams are so important.  Early detection of potential eye problems allows our optometrists to prevent, and in some cases restore, vision loss.  


Eye Exam and Consultation

In order to fully understand your eyes, our doctors ask questions about your eye health history, including any existing conditions you may have or any ocular surgeries you may have undergone.  They will also ask about overall health conditions, medications you are taking, and your work environment. They will discuss previous eye conditions and family history so they can understand your risks.  All this information will be considered when our doctors are determining treatments or recommendations. 


Vision Testing 

Eye exams include detailed vision testing to guarantee you have the clearest possible vision.  Our optometrists will test your distance visual acuity and near vision by measuring how well each eye can see using a wall eye chart and a reading eye chart.  Our eye doctors can determine an accurate prescription for glasses or contact lenses and ensure that you are seeing 20/20. They can also make specialized recommendations for glasses or lenses, tailored specifically for your vision.  


Eye Function Testing

Eye exams at Central Missouri Eyecare Associates include testing eye function, such as depth perception, color vision, peripheral vision, eye movements and muscle capabilities, and focusing abilities.  The doctor will perform several simple tests to make sure the eyes are working together properly. If the doctor determines any problems with the eyes ability to focus or move, they can diagnose the underlying conditions and guide you towards an effective treatment. 


Eye Health

A comprehensive eye examination with our doctors includes a thorough evaluation of the health of the eye through precise examining techniques.  Our doctors use lighted magnification to inspect the front of the eye, including the eyelids, cornea, and conjunctiva. To evaluate the retina and other internal structures, your eyes may be dilated, or other imaging technology may be used.  The intraocular pressure will also be measured at each exam, which can indicate if you are at risk for glaucoma. After evaluating many aspects of ocular health, our doctors will review their findings and discuss any treatments that may be necessary.