Glasses and Optical Services

Frames and Lenses

Our services go beyond a thorough eye exam.  At our practice, we are proud to provide you with a top-notch optical and knowledgeable opticians.  Our goal is to help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your vision, lifestyle, and personality.  Whether you are looking for new glasses to wear every day, prescription sunglasses, reading glasses, or some other type of eye wear, our opticians can help you choose from our wide range of lenses and frames.  With our staff’s guidance, you can leave Central Missouri Eyecare Associates knowing you have the perfect pair of glasses. 


Optical Laboratory

We are equipped with a full optical laboratory with the latest equipment and technology.  Not only can we make your glasses accurately, but we can maintain and repair them. Accidents happen, and our laboratory wants to help.  We can also provide you with the exact lens specifications you desire, whether it’s a specialty tint, coating, or unique lens design. Our opticians and lab staff can select and fabricate your glasses and lenses to provide you with great vision and ultimate comfort. 


Once your new pair of eyeglasses has been made, our opticians will perform any necessary adjustments so your glasses fit properly and maximize vision.  We can also review how to properly care for your glasses, including cleaning and storage tips, so your new glasses can remain pristine.