Computer Vision Syndrome

Prolonged use of computers or digital screens is connected with a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome.  In this condition, a range of eye problems can occur as a result of using screens for extended periods of time, and symptoms typically include blurred vision, eye strain and fatigue, dry eyes, and headaches. It is common for the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome become more severe with longer use of digital screens.


computer vision syndrome


Addressing Computer Vision Syndrome

Some symptoms of computer vision syndrome can be improved with simple adaptive techniques.  Dry eyes are a common symptom of this condition because when you use a computer or digital screen, you tend to blink much less often.  Less blinking causes dry and irritated eyes, so using lubricating drops to reduce symptoms can be particularly helpful. Additionally, eyestrain can occur because of long-term viewing of digital screens.  Remembering to give your eyes a break, and relieve some of the strain placed on the focusing system of your eyes, can reduce some of the eye strain associated with screen use.  

Special Computer Glasses

Beyond providing you with tips to help reduce dryness and eyestrain, your optometrist can prescribe a pair of glasses to be used specifically while on the computer.  These specialized computer glasses are tailor-made to your exact prescription and working distance to make computer work more comfortable. Many people, especially those who require long hours on the computer for their careers, find that using computer glasses significantly reduces symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.  Contact our office if you are affected by Computer Vision Syndrome and are interested in finding relief from your symptoms.